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Mary serves as a trusted guide, mentor, and mirror.

She has helped hundreds of men, women and teens,
from all walks of life, to re-imagine their life and work,
transcend fear and obstacles, and turn their
highest vision into reality.

She has helped leaders and their teams restore their
sense of passion and purpose, re-ignite creativity,
revitalize energy, re-frame their goals, and achieve
profound change, their highest vision
and long-lasting success.

Those who consult with Mary achieve significant results and experience profound change.

  • Gain clarity.
  • Imagine what’s possible.
  • Discover what you truly want, what truly matters to you.
  • Uncover and release limiting beliefs and perceived obstacles.
  • Take your thoughts, affirmations, prayers and rituals to the next level –
    as an individual and as an organization.
  • Create inspired goals and action items.
  • Be inspired and impactful in everything you do.
  • A life of joy and aliveness.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Prosperity and abundance.
  • Vibrant Health.
  • Loving relationships.
  • Making a difference of considerable magnitude.
  • Being of highest service and richly rewarded.

Getting Started

To get started email Mary at
Include in your email your contact information and answers to the following questions.
Your responses help you and I set your intentions, make sure we are a fit, and determine the next best steps.

1.   What can you tell me about you?
2.   How best may I support you?
3.   What is the outcome you are looking for from our consultation session(s)?

4.   If your consultation session(s) were a tremendous success, what could you gain?
5.   What challenges are you are facing that affect your desired outcome?
6.   What makes right now the best time to have this consultation?
7.   How familiar are you with my work? (For example,  have you read the book,   Managing Thought or the Companion Guide-How to Access the Power of Thankfulness? Have you attended a workshop, taken the Mindfulness Monday e-course, utilized Managing Thought® on-line tools?)
8.   Have you been coached or mentored before?
9.   What is prompting you to choose me?