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Leaders, Executive Coaches, Authors,
Medical Professionals, Educators, Parents,
and Students Endorsing Managing Thought

“Bottom-line improvement comes through people, and I want people on my team who can think for themselves, visualize outcomes, and be proactive in seeking positive results. Mary Lore shares a very creative approach to analyzing and measuring our thought process. It validates the importance of being in control to effect positive outcomes in our lives. Managing Thought is a must read if you want to develop a personal flight plan that has positive outcomes, takes you to new heights, avoids significant turbulence, and puts you in control.”

Howard Putnam 
Former CEO, Southwest Airlines 
Author of The Winds of Turbulence 

Managing Thought is to this century what How to Win Friends & Influence People and The 7 Habits of  Highly Effective People were to the last century. Thought management is a key asset for today’s leaders.”  

Barbara G. Stanbridge 
Change Management Expert 
Past President, National Association of Women Business Owners 

Managing Thought gets right to the bottom line on why individuals and organizations behave the way they do. Managing Thought provides the tools that empower us to learn how to change our behavior and improve our effectiveness and overall health at work and home. I’m a better person, leader, friend, father, and husband for having read this book.” 

William Neale, MA 
Co-Founder, Denison Consulting 
Developer of Diagnostic Tools Designed to Bring Culture and Leadership to the Bottom Line

“In today’s 24/7 global world, executives and entrepreneurs are challenged in all aspects of their professional and personal lives. Today’s business education is about teaching future leaders how to manage these challenges. Managing Thought provides important and valuable insights as well as robust and realistic prescriptive techniques that will help train business students to overcome those challenges while reinvigorating their passions and cultivating their all-important sense of self.”

Kim Schatzel   
President, Towson University 
Founded in 1866 as America’s First Training School for Teachers  

“Anything you want in life such as health, fulfilling career, or happiness begins with a single thought, yet how to manage your thoughts toward your objectives remains elusive to most people. Likewise, while no life is free from troubles, your minds can be trouble-free when you practice self-awareness, self-mastery, and being on purpose. In Managing Thought, Mary Lore has done a wonderful job presenting an accessible, step-by-step process for cultivating and reshaping your mind to finally actualize the life you want. A highly recommended book for anyone looking to achieve their life’s potential.” 

Dr. Maoshing Ni, Ph.D., D.O.M.  
Co-Founder, Tao of Wellness & Yo San University  
Author, Secrets of Longevity & Secrets of Self-Healing 

“In life, each of us is required by the dynamic reality of daily events to face ourselves or not. We all have the choice to be actively in the game of life or, by default, to stay on the sideline. This book can initiate the process of personal work and consistent focused self-development. My forty years of working with graduate students and CEOs confirms the importance of daily routine in individuals moving toward being brave personally, giving themselves permission to know themselves, and moving beyond the ‘other directed’ orientation of critical self-critique. An inner-directed path will allow the growth of a more developed personhood. Mary’s book can give its readers the path toward a centered self-confidence.” 

W. Lynn Tanner, PhD 
Founder, Executive Chairman, TEC Canada  
Canada’s Preeminent Organization for the Development of CEOs 

Managing Thought is as timeless as Dale Carnegie’s work. This book goes way beyond business executives. It is a powerful book for anyone, in any number of personal and professional relationships. Through Managing Thought, I have taken control of my life with powerful, high-service, and high-purpose thoughts. I learned I have the power to choose my thoughts and overpower my weak, negative ones.” 

Arthur Horwitz 
President and CEO Jewish Renaissance Media  
The Leading Gatherer and Disseminator of Information for and about the American Jewish Community 

“The guidance of Mary Lore’s book Managing Thought turns possibility and learning into daily action for teachers and parents. These are teaching and parenting tools for ourselves, our children and our world’s future.” 

Bette D. Moen  
Cedar Crest Academy & Early Childhood Center 

“For years, great leaders have realized ‘the power of positive thinking.’ Even pessimistic people prefer to follow positive, optimistic leaders. This book takes this concept to a completely new level and teaches us how to actually manage our thoughts to be creative, inspired, and impactful in all that we do. The concepts are practical and real and are equally beneficial at home or in the workplace. Lore’s book reinforced that I actually have a choice and can control my thoughts versus being controlled by them—I find that to be incredibly powerful!” 

Gordon Krater,CPA 
Managing Partner, Plante & Moran, PLLC 
One of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” 

“Every outcome in the universe is preceded by an initiating thought. Mary J. Lore’s book, Managing Thought, reminds us and provides the tools to be intentional and aware of our thoughts as they create our reality, to consciously create each moment, and to seek balance in a world that forces us to specialize. Read this book, do what she suggests, and discover more of who you really are. Let your journey begin!” 

Ole Carlson 
Author of Beneath the Armor and 
Clarity: Creating a Life that Really Matters…to You 

Managing Thought is one of the best self-help books I have ever read. It is thought provoking, easy to understand, and the exercises are simple yet very effective. Through Managing Thought, I now see how my limiting beliefs have held me back and put me in a very small box as to the possibilities in my life. By taking the time to really work on uncovering what they are and examining them in detail, I am able to take myself out of that very small box and help my clients to do the same.” 

Bob Carrothers 
Executive Coach, Master Chair. 
Vistage International Helping Leaders Succeed in Business and in Life 

“Self-help books, most of us know, are a dime a dozen. This is a self-help book that makes the rest of them obsolete. Mary Lore, through a multitude of pointed vignettes and just plain old common sense, puts the quandary of human existence into a fresh, colorful, and detailed perspective. After my forty years of professional experience in this field, this is the best yet. In short, it is life changing. Most refreshingly, as you read it, you know that the author practices it in her everyday life. Her book is the definitive ‘First in Class’ on this subject and will go down as a true classic for many years to come!”  Dr. Harry S. Dennis, III 

Dr. Harry S. Dennis III 
Former Chairman and CEO The Executive Committee   
Dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of chief executives 

Managing Thought will dramatically improve how you think and do. I wish I had read it when I was twenty-five. It’s an easy-to-read, yet deeply insightful, interpretation that shows how to manage your thoughts to be more successful. Just the short, effective paragraph on ‘Putting it into Practice’ will convince you that this is a must-read!” 

Kraig Kramers 
Award-Winning Speaker and Author of CEO Tools