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Workshop Testimonials

Workshop Testimonials

“I experienced Mary’s Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World? workshop twice, once in 2006 with a peer advisory group of fellow executives and again in 2007 when I invited Mary to present to our annual franchisee conference… As an organization, we had many limiting beliefs regarding growth… As a result of the workshop, we began using broader executive staff involvement in different departments to look at those limiting beliefs… and began using questioning as a way to change people’s beliefs and thoughts about different issues, problems and opportunities in the organization. For me, Managing Thought helped me to focus on the most meaningful things in the areas where my efforts and energy can make a difference.  There had been some fairly negative influences in the organization and I became able to let go of those and really manage my thoughts about what I can do, what my role is and what’s most important to the franchisees and customers. “

Rhoda Olsen 
Former President and CEO, now Vice Chair, Great Clips, Inc. 
Named to 2019 Minnesota Business Hall of Fame 
Minneapolis MN 


“Your workshop was terrific! Thank you. I spoke to several leaders in attendance and the feedback was outstanding. My Managers and I truly benefited. Nice job. Rarely do I receive such a level of take-home value from speakers. Life can be much sweeter for leaders if they realize not to necessarily trust what their brain is saying. The responsibility and accountability message you passed was well taken. Your methodology of focusing on positive outcomes in the midst of negative thoughts and emotions is practical and easy to apply. “

Jim Cipriani, Jr. 
President, Systems Personnel Inc. 
Buffalo NY 
Improving Lives Through Employment 

“I facilitated a weekend spousal retreat and invited Mary to present her workshop on Creating a Life Well-Lived. The presentation was a true hit with everybody… Mary moved them all, and for our first retreat, it was the kind of presentation that will only serve to make both the couples and the group, better. The day after the presentation, everyone was into sharing what was going on in their lives. That was the direct result of Mary’s presentation. The tissues were out and they were being extremely open and vulnerable with each other.  I had comments that the experience was “life changing” … and they couldn’t say enough about how they were all impacted by the weekend and her presentation.”  

Rick Harvey
Chair, TEC Canada 
Canada’s most comprehensive executive and leadership development program 
Edmonton Alberta Canada 

“It had been nearly 30 years since I picked up a book to examine my personal beliefs. It’s hard work. I was on vacation for a few days and grateful that my friends are so emotionally aware and had your book, Managing Thought, on their bedside table. I was the CEO for the Chicago Metropolitan Association for the Education of Young Children and invited Mary to present her Transcending Stress workshop at our 2013 conference for 5,000 people administrators, teachers, center directors, principals, social workers and librarians – anyone working or caring for children birth to age eight years in all kinds of settings. Our conference-goers benefitted greatly from hearing you speak. Many of my colleagues (including myself) were exhausted and frustrated by a laundry list of problems with people in our field burning out. You helped us to realize that some of these problems are creations of limited beliefs we seem to cast upon ourselves. What you offered is a real answer on how to get unstuck, helping us (and me) to think differently about who we are, what we want and how we work with young children and families.  .”

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Gail Conway 
Past CEO, Chicago Metropolitan Association  
for the Education of Young Children 
Chicago, IL 

I invited Mary Lore into my office to present her “What is the Future We are Creating?” workshop to my team and following the presentation she helped facilitate a marketing discussion. Different than what we would normally talk about because she focused her time and our energy on what inspires us (our company as a collective) — why we do what we do — and many interesting things came out.

Everyone on my staff was involved and we learned we all want to be challenged and learn each day – we also came to some thoughts on the type of work we want to seek and how to seek it. It was a truly inspiring day and I have many thanks to Mary Lore –she was great.

The next day I went to the office and everyone who was around was so thankful for me bringing in Mary to speak to them – they said things like “Never in my work career have I …” and “That was the most inspiring thing that I have ever done here at our company.” and “Thank you Joe.” I too am grateful. I truly believe that with my thoughts and actions aligned with my staff and with myself remaining inspired, there is nothing we can not accomplish. Mary helped engage our company and show us our inspiration.

Joseph M. Heaney III
PE, Principal, Walden Environmental Engineering
Solving Complex Environmental Challenges
Oyster Bay, NY