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Testimonials About Mary

Testimonials About Mary

“Mary’s work on thoughts and how they rule our lives is outstanding. And, Mary, as a human being, is a light worker and amazing woman. It’s so cool how her work translates so well into both personal and business realms.” 

Lori Jo Vest
Award-winning Author of the book “Who’s Your Gladys?”
Troy, MI

“I met Mary in person and she is doing exactly what she teaches. Read the book, listen to the CD or even better attend one of her keynote workshops.” 

Ralf Weiser
Technical Manager / Management Team Member at Aerzen USA
Reading, PA

“I see myself in every chapter of this book. I’ve known Mary Lore for a number of years, as my boss and a trusted mentor.  Through Managing Thought, I am again reminded: Mary gets it.”

Mary Bowler
Detroit, MI

“You are a great example of finding the gifts and talents that lie within us and channeling that force. You are making a difference in so many people’s lives – keep it up.

Stan Diver
Wilmington, DE

“Mary shared her own life experiences, which showed the path for all of us to live richer, happier, healthier, more effective lives–both personally and professionally.”

Jeff Babcock
Hampshire, IL

“Her presentation was interactive and had excellent tools…She was very analytical and calming…a good listener with good suggestions. Her presentation…was interactive…insightful and creative.”

Howard Lieberman
Seattle, WA

“Mary is very stimulating, she caused us to do a lot of introspection about the power our thoughts have over us and others. She is an excellent presenter with a simple but powerful message.

John F. Adams III
Raleigh, NC

“Thank you for sharing with us at the TEC meeting yesterday. You were excellent and one of my favorite speakers to date. Much of what you said really blew me away and resulted in me examining my own thoughts and beliefs and that rarely happens.”

John P. Miller
Massillon, OH

“Managing Thought was the best seminar presentation I’ve experienced! The communication style Mary uses is beautiful and easy to understand.”

Bob Thomas
Orange County, CA

“Thanks for your passion and for sharing so personally from your own journey. I’ve been interested this week to discover many validations of what you shared with the group in my experience and in my reading.”

Janet Goodman
San Francisco, CA

“Mary’s presentation skills were excellent. She engages the audience and brings out unexpected thoughts.

Kathleen Aughey
West Palm Beach, FL

“In my 8 years, Mary is one of the most poised and professional presenters I have encountered. She had all 30 of us involved, interested, and grateful for her message.”

David Parr
Atherton, CA

“Mary had a huge impact on the group, and, in my case, a lasting impact. I have incorporated many of your processes into my daily ritual…thanks for your input into my life. You were, personally, inspirational.”

Michael Miller
Phoenix, AZ

“Mary is a beautiful sincere person giving the message that we all need to hear!

Randy Morgan Jr.
Potomac, MD

“Your ability to get the message across is outstanding. Both my groups and I have a real opportunity for significant growth. I like your sense of humor too.”

Bob Waterloo
Minneapolis, MN

“Your content is excellent and I enjoyed your many analogies; the tree, the circle of life. You have a wonderful way with this subject and with reading people and responding accordingly.

Gary Perry
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

“Mary is a great communicator! She engages with a smile and lots of eye contact.” 

Ryan Hixon
Renton, WA

 “Superb delivery! Thank you for your willingness to share some pain in your life, to be human with us. You have a great sense of humor.” 

Michael Rue
Tustin, CA 

“Mary’s unique combination of intellect, intuition and being of service helps others to open themselves and widen their view.”

Lana Jerome
Detroit, MI  

 “Great attitude and enthusiasm when you present. I can feel your passion for what you teach.” 

Todd Morstad
Calgary, Alberta, Canada