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Consultation Testimonials

Consultation Testimonials

“I have been fortunate to work with Mary as my personal coach around the principles she teaches in Managing Thought.  I wanted to work with her because I had felt for some time there was “something” out there waiting for me to be or do…and I couldn’t grasp the essence of what it was.  Through Mary’s combination of simple principles and challenging exercises, I’ve learned to shed old destructive mind habits that held me back.  As Mary says, “It’s just practice!”  The result of my work with Mary is highly increased levels of energy, focus and creativity.  I often find myself in Mary’s “state of wonder.”  And that “something” out there waiting for me — it was just me—the real me, a better me, now more empowered and powerful, and in a state of grace.” 

Jean B. Lauterbach 
President, Prism Consulting
Strategic Business Advisor
Cincinnati OH 

“Mary helped me understand how managing my thoughts could matter in the situation I faced dealing with raging prostate cancer. Mary hauled my mind back from the abyss and gave me a focus that changed mightily how I “made it through,” not only the so-called “minor surgery,” but the brutal beating administered by ten weeks of radiation, and the even worse lashing that can come from raw fear. Was fear abolished? No. Was it fun? No. It was managed, and I could put my energy on living, and once again, I am!”  

Lawrence M. Cassidy
Award-Winning Executive Coach
Master Chair, Vistage International, Inc.
Costa Mesa CA 

“I’m winning with the shifts in my thinking that you’ve inspired. My practice has been fun and has inspired love and compassion towards others; becoming consistently relaxed, calm and unaffected in circumstances that have previously caused unsettledness; and engendering respect, kindness and patience towards myself. Thank you, Mary! “

Woody Kaye 
President, CEO 
Corporate Values, Inc. 
Long Island NY 

“Mary is fantastic. She helped me with my personal affirmations that I use every morning in my meditation. She helped me understand, better than ever before, that my thoughts and my words give me my life. I started paying attention to my words and my thoughts. The difference it made in my life and work is truly phenomenal.”

Larry Stambaugh 
Founding Principal 
Apercu Partners 
San Diego CA 

“Mary Lore has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support. With her coaching and guidance, I have clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality.  Mary kept me accountable to myself, taught me effective skills, and reminded me to believe in myself in both my position as VP of Sales & Marketing at Lipari Foods, as well as in my daily journey of my personal life.” 

Joyce A. Saranathan 
Senior VP, Business Development, Lipari Foods, Inc. 
Founder, Essence of Tranquility, LLC.
Washington MI

For the past forty years, I have been a pioneer in the renewable energy and sustainable resource management fields. During this timeframe I have successfully implemented many first of its kind projects and launched multiple, successful companies. Mary’s on-going advice and consultation has been the key to my success. As the leader in many new and unique ventures, she has taught me how to develop confidence and inspire stakeholders, reinvigorating them during times of struggle and lagging confidence. She provided effective techniques to enable my team, financiers, governmental officials (and most importantly me as the leader!) overcome the “But this has never been done before” fear – opening the door to inspiration and creative solutions. I highly recommend Mary to anyone who has goals of contributing to the planet and faces similar challenges with fearful people impeding creative solutions. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Michael D. Brown
Co-founder and Executive VP Business Development
Enerra, Inc.
San Bernardino, CA