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Mary J. Lore makes her teachings available to businesses, organizations, and individuals with self-help media in various forms, such as books and DVDs. Her words on Managing Thought can be heard in interviews on radio and TV.

Mary’s TEDx Talk : Words Matter

How Thoughts and Words Make a Difference of Considerable Magnitude

Mary Lore opened the 2013 TEDx event in Detroit. Watch now as she talks about The Power of Words and how thoughts and words make a difference of considerable magnitude.

Watch this beautiful, inspiring video created by Mary J. Lore, multiple award-winning author of “Managing Thought.” The video sets forth powerful resolutions, intentions, invocations, and affirmations to create your life well-lived and be inspired and impactful in all you do.

Mary is featured on this 30-minute show and talks about the concepts of her book Managing Thought.

In this three-part series, Chandra Lynn asks Mary questions about how much our thoughts impact the quality of our life, and how important having a vision for ourselves is to living to our full potential.

Mary J. Lore, multiple award-winning author of “Managing Thought,” provides a step-by-step process on how to make goals and resolutions you can keep.

This is the full three-hour workshop that Mary presented to business leaders and management teams. It’s available as a digital download.