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Think Differently. Powerfully.
Create Profound Change.

Your Highest Vision.

Is It Time to Create the Next Version of Your Highest Vision?

Mary J. Lore is an internationally recognized thought leader, public speaker, multiple award-winning author, and mentor to key influencers and thought leaders around the world.


Mary’s Work Changes Lives.

Mary has helped thousands of men, women and teens, from all walks of life, to re-imagine their life and work, transcend fear and obstacles, and turn their highest vision into reality. She has helped leaders and their teams restore their sense of passion and purpose, re-ignite creativity, re-frame their goals, focus on what matters and experience profound change.

Larry Cassidy
Award-Winning Business & Leadership
Coach and Cancer Survivor
Saci McDonald
Certified Energy Kinesiology and Breathwork Practitioner
Larry Stambaugh
Founding Principal,
Apercu Partners