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Testimonials About Managing Thought

Testimonials About Managing Thought


“I read Mary’s book, Managing Thought, immediately after the first session cover to cover while highlighting key areas and capturing my own list of to do’s so I can experience greater successes. I found the book to be an inspiring and captivating read filled with gripping stories and simple tactics / frameworks that in hindsight, have been easy to apply and have allowed me to achieve positive outcomes first hand. So grateful for Mary.”

Ana Rios Quinn
Co-Founder and Managing Partner Imprint Talent and Readiness, Apex NC

“I read Mary’s book Managing Thought several years ago and just pulled it out again. It is wonderful.”

Joan Gagnon
Author, Journal Your Way, Mansfield, MA

 “I personally have read Mary’s book at least six times, and I intend to continue reading it. It provides a powerful daily reminder about being intentional in my thoughts and actions and thinking powerfully.”

Trisha Huizenga
Business Mediator/Facilitator, Fox Cities, WI

“Mary Lore’s book Managing Thought is a game changer. It is hard to think of a single book that can make a bigger difference in my business or personal life. Her seminar is equally valuable. Highly recommended.”

Aaron Gabrielson
CTO Redmond Inc., Heber City Utah 

“I discovered Mary Lore’s book Managing Thought through our mutual association with Heartbeat Radio for Women. I believe her book is one of the most important books I’ve read in the last ten years. Her insights and exercises are extremely relevant, practical, and powerful. I refer to her work and recommend her book often.

David Benzel
President & Founder
Growing Champions for Life, Groveland FL

“I’m a better person, leader, friend, father, and husband for having read this book.”

William Neale, MA
Co-Founder, Denison Consulting, Ann Arbor MI

This is brilliant. I enjoy self development books and Managing Thought by far is the best one I have ever read. Read it and you will see why. I will read it over and over for many years to come.

Rachel Nevada
Radio & TV Personality, Detroit Metro Area

Your book is a great gift to the world and I continue to use excerpts from time to time to help people overcome barriers, blocks, obstacles and limiting beliefs.

John Trakselis
President for the Chicago Chapter of Financial Executives International (FEI)
Group Chair, Vistage International

This book has become my personal coach. Thank you, Mary, for your gift to the world.

Tony Loyd
Global Head, Learning & Development, Johnson Diversey
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Managing Thought is the book I re-read most often. It’s full of practical suggestions and exercises that can be used in any ‘challenge’ I’m confronted with in life. It’s an incredible tool for my pesky thoughts….I wish I’d had it in my teen years ….LOL.

Saci McDonald
Certified Energy Kinesiology and Breathwork Practitioner, San Rafael, CA

I have read many, many books in the field of self-help. My passion is the power of thoughts on our behavior and it took me quite a while to find a book that would cover science, common sense, practical examples and cognitive psychology all in one package.

Mary J. Lore’s line of work is exceptionally clear and convincing in this book. Managing Thought has a lot of depth, but it is easy to read and keeps the reader interested through its brilliant insight.

This book is a treasure and should be on top of the bestseller list, seriously.

Minna Marsh
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This book is a must-read for anyone who feels overwhelmed and unfulfilled. Specifically, Mary’s process helps readers:

-Become more aware of their thoughts and the impact those thoughts have on their perceptions, feelings, and behaviors.
-Define what matters most to them in life.
-Reframe/align their thoughts in a way that permits them to focus on achieving what matters most to them.

It includes practical exercises and suggestions for implementing Mary’s key lessons. This is a book I will re-read over time to help me stay focused on creating the results I want.

Kate Kane
Graduate Student, Buffalo, NY
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Managing Thought will dramatically improve how you think and do. Wish I had read it when I was 25. It’s an easy-to-read yet deeply insightful interpretation that shows how to manage your thoughts to be more successful. Just the short, effective paragraph on “Putting it into Practice” will convince you this is a must-read!”

Kraig Kramers
CEO, Speaker, CEO Coach
Author of CEO Tools

 “Managing Thought is one of the best self-help books I have ever read. It is thought provoking, easy to understand, and the exercises are simple yet very effective. Through Managing Thought, I now see how my limiting beliefs have held me back and put me in a very small box as to the possibilities in my life.  By taking the time to really work on uncovering what they are and examining them in detail, I am able to take myself out of that very small box and help my clients to do the same.”

Bob Carrothers
Executive Coach, Vistage International, Denver CO

Managing Thought is as timeless as Dale Carnegie’s work. This book goes way beyond business executives. It is a powerful book for anyone, in any number of personal and professional relationships. Through Managing Thought, I have taken control of my life with powerful, high-service and high-purpose thoughts. I learned I have the power to choose my thoughts and overpower my weak, negative thoughts.”

Arthur Horwitz
President and CEO, Jewish Renaissance Media, Bloomfield Hills MI

 “Mary’s book reinforced my belief that life is a combination of one’s heart, mind and soul and when these three are combined and made available to us, along with a grounded understanding of our beliefs, we have the possibility of living life to the fullest.”

Richard Carr
Former Vice Chairman of the Board, San Diego CA

 “Managing Thought was a very interesting and eye opening way of looking at life. It was not completely new to me; I had been exposed to things like this before, but the thing that I especially liked about Managing Thought was the idea of seven key focus points and the thought process that goes into each one. It was a good experience for me personally to take this short course on Managing Thought.”

Lucia Loeb
High School Student

 “Through Managing Thought, I felt like I had the answers to so many issues that would arise in my life. I started to look at things differently at home and also in my classroom. I found I could communicate my needs better with my family and my students. Life is getting better because I have learned and continue to learn to manage my thoughts.”

Packy Conway
Mom and High School Teacher, Portland OR

 “One of my big aha’s as I’ve been exposed to the whole Managing Thought process is the realization that I typically try to manage other people’s thoughts.   I assume they are thinking a certain way and then rationalize all of their actions to fit my idea of what they are thinking.  We can only manage our own thoughts.  What we really need to do is to ask questions, learn to understand others instead of just assuming certain things and then proceed.”

Andrea Rakowicz
Executive Assistant

Managing Thought is the best book I have ever read. I now realize that I am responsible and accountable for my thoughts and if I want to make changes in my life and my family and my relationships, it starts with my thoughts. I am the one in control.  Through managing my thoughts, I can now have my best day every day.

Debbie Simmons
Homemaker and Substitute Teacher

“Thank you kind spirit for reminding me of the breathing exercise. My position requires me to juggle many tasks simultaneously. Within minutes of inhaling/holding and exhaling, I was calmer to the point that I was refreshed/re-centered!  I will use the breathing exercise whenever my body/mind is racing in opposite directions again. Sometimes, it is the smallest things that make the biggest differences.

Latanya Batie
Sr. Executive Assistant
Troy, MI
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“We are as we think. Mary J. Lore’s Managing Thought tells us why. Then she tells us how we can manage our thoughts and transform ourselves, our relationships with others, and our lives.  This works!

Steve Baur
Johrei Fellowship
Denver, CO

 “We each rue our inability to get out of the funk, the dread of being out of control emotionally. We each wish there could be a way to prevent the slide, or stop the slide, or find our way back from the slide.

There is. A basic way to look at, and manage, what we think. Which dictates how we feel. And ultimately, what we do. It is called Managing Thought – How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World? Get it. Read it. Live it. Within those pages, there is a whole new opportunity to find your way through. To decide on what you think. To own you. Thanks, Mary!”

Lawrence Cassidy
Orange County, CA
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“Am I managing my thoughts or are my thoughts managing me?” Unfortunately, putting my self -hypocrisy aside, I didn’t like the answer I was giving myself. My unmanaged thoughts were ruling my world, and I didn’t like the result, and neither did those around me.

Mary is a long time acquaintance. In the spirit of supporting her efforts, I bought her book. The unexpected bonus was that she has become a “virtual” faithful friend. Like a wise person observed over a thousand years ago “A faithful friend is the medicine of life.” I read it through once, slowing digesting and personalizing its content, and then again. With her simple, but powerful tools of self accountability, I was deeply impacted, and my world, or at least the way as I was experiencing it, became much more upbeat and manageable.

Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World? , has become for me an often referred to field book on getting my head together when my thoughts are managing me. In my work with others it has provided great material, and generated good results.

It has even gotten better. Being primarily an auditory learner, I downloaded the newly available digital copy of her book (a real bargain at $14.95). For me, it is like sitting across the table, with a trusted friend who cares enough about me to risk the relationship by gently asking the tough questions until I give the honest answers to her …but more importantly, …to myself.

It has been a very helpful book for this old boy! It should be required reading for everyone who works with people. 

Terry Slinde
Des Moines, IA 
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Mary Lore’s book is a must read for anyone who is interested in the power and energy that their thoughts and intentions can create along with the change that positive beliefs can make in our world. Simply by following the guidelines of this book, we are able to manage our thoughts to bring about a positive shift in the energies that surround us.

Mary’s book inspired me to think about how I process my desirable outcome in my life and what changes were to be made to achieve the most powerful results. This book has helped me immensely in not only bringing awareness and clarity to what those desires are but also in how to achieve them.

Great easy read for generations to come

Joyce A. Saranathan
Warren, MI
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Managing Thought is already changing my families lives and 3 of my clients as well. The book is clear, focused and simple to understand with great exercises. It’s got me examining all the areas of my life and creating a powerful intention for each. Already I am choosing my life and I can’t wait to see what happens in 6 months, a year and beyond. I was also impressed that Dr. Maoshing Ni endorsed it for he is one of the most highly rated acupuncturists from the Tao of Wellness Acupuncture Clinic in Santa Monica, Ca. and a great author himself.

Edward Sullivan
San Fernando Valley, CA
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This book, although geared toward the professional, to ease one toward professional success, was the best psychological self-help book I have every experienced. It cut through all my arguments, my mental blocks, my denial and set me on my personal path. I don’t need to figure out the meaning and impact of my past events in order to achieve the level of joy and awareness I have wanted. A quick check and adjustment of my mental focus is all that it takes to put me instantly into a state of open readiness for life’s adventures. Mary showed me the simple tools required to work toward my goals. And they weren’t the tools that I had ever been taught before!

Life has been a much more pleasant affair since I started managing my thoughts. It’s the way we were meant to use our brain. We just didn’t know.

Kitty Holloway
Anaheim, CA
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I have read many books about the impact of our thoughts and emotions on the world that we experience. Mary Lore has obviously read many of these same books. She has taken the best elements of these teachings and added wisdom of her own to bring us a very practical guide to living the life we choose to live. Her approach breaks down the complexity of dealing with life’s many problems into a single step that we can take right now. Mary guides us through exercises designed to help us put these teachings into practice in our daily lives. I enjoyed her stories about the successful experiences of her clients who have followed the advice in her book. I have used many of these teachings to enjoy a life of love and purpose. Mary has given me a way to share this wisdom with others in a single book that can be read over and over again. With each reading, our lives will be greatly enriched. I’m looking forward to giving away many copies of her book as holiday gifts this year.

Michael A. Limauro, Charlotte MI
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Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World, by Mary J. Lore, is an insightful, practical, “life manual” that gets to the heart of discovering what’s truly important to you — and how to get it. The written exercises in the book, plus the free online tools (, allow you to put the author’s concepts into practice. She teaches you how to think and communicate in a positive way, and to avoid limiting thoughts and language. (I have banished the word “but” from my vocabulary!). This is a book that I will revisit again and again.

B.B. Pas
Detroit, MI
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I was the Recording Engineer for the Audio Book version of this, and I can tell you from my experience with Mary in the studio that she lives by this stuff. She is passionate because she sees great progress in her own life as a result of her commitment to self-awareness.

This book is primarily geared toward executives, but even as a young adult I found its content applicable to anyone who truly wants to better themselves from the inside out.

Ken Showler
Berkley, MI
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I absolutely *loved* reading Managing Thought.

I saw Mary speak about 3 years ago and her message was very powerful. I was so excited to read this book because it expands what I learned in the workshop. The book presents a step-by-step process of how to manage our thoughts in ways that lead to success.

What I liked the most was how she demonstrated managing thought by paying attention to the words that we use in our daily lives. I like how Mary is focused on creating results right now, in this moment, instead of `someday’. She gave me tools and techniques that make everything I am reading applicable to my day today. I’ve used many practices the book explains and have found significant changes everywhere in my business and life.

It’s definitely a book I’ll refer to for years to come. Thank you Mary, this book is simply fabulous. I hope that everyone at my office reads this so that we can all use these tools with each other. 

Sean Constantine
Greater Denver Area, CO
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Sometimes, life is like crossing a river on foot. Cautionary steps, twisted ankles, unexpected bites, and a strong current can keep us from our intended path. In Managing Thought, Mary Lore provides stepping stones to help our crossing. Managing Thought is a step-by-step direct approach to defining life goals, eliminating obstacles, and creating a path to achievement.

In using examples from her own personal life and her business career, Mary’s voice is understanding, encouraging, and cogent.

Personally, after reading this book, I have a better understanding of the importance of my thoughts, the strength of these thoughts, and how they influence my life. With this knowledge, I hope to manage my own thoughts toward a happier, healthier, and more peaceful life.

Moreover, I found her book inspiring and altruistic, which I didn’t anticipate. I felt challenged by and accepted the author’s call to pursue ‘a life well-lived’.

Paul D.
St. Louis, MO
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This is a well written book that applies to my professional and personal thoughts and habits. I am now aware that my thoughts affected many outcomes in my life including how my thoughts/actions may have been received by others. This book empowered me, I am a better person as a result of realizing that we have good and bad thoughts, but the key is managing our thoughts! It is an outstanding manual for life and a must read for everyone. We have the power to recognize and handle all things in life by understanding that our thoughts are not just thoughts and can be managed to enjoy the fullness of life.

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