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What Seeds Could You Plant? What Intentions Could You Cultivate?

April 10th, 2013


Today is the first new moon since the spring equinox.

Contrary to common practice, THIS IS THE TIME to make our resolutions. This is the time to plant the seeds of our future–what we truly wish to create this year.

During the 90’s, I worked on the start-up of companies and the turnaround (fresh start) of companies in crisis. AND I owned a garden center and nursery and taught gardening classes for kids.

To me – growing plants, growing companies, growing ourselves and our children – it’s  the same process and I am passionate about growth!

That’s the reason I use so many gardening analogies when I talk about cultivating self-awareness and creating the highest vision of ourselves.

I approach Managing Thought® as if I were pruning a tree. When I prune a tree, the first thing I do is decide what I want to accomplish. What’s my purpose? What difference do I want to make?

Do I want to remove the dead wood? Create a certain shape? Bring in more light? More fruit or flowers? Growth upward or outward?

Once I have my purpose, I begin to prune, first removing the dead and diseased branches. I then prune the branches that are crossing other branches, sticking straight up, or shooting from the base of the tree. These are appropriately called suckers because they suck up the water, nutrients, and sunlight from the viable branches.

Once these branches are removed, I then prune and shape the tree to fulfill my purpose. After completing the process, I turn my attention to the daily culti­vation of the tree–how it is fed and watered and its exposure to the environment.

This helps the tree resist stress and develop a strong root and trunk system. With less stress, the tree resists insects, disease, and damage. It thrives in its full glory.

As we practice self-awareness and managing our thoughts, we can follow the same process.

As we plant the trees of our lives, our work, our marriages, our retirement, ourselves in every role we play in work or life, education for ourselves or our children, our retirement, our health, and prosperity, a corporate initiative–we can decide what we truly want.

Before we say or do anything, such as interact with our family, children, or signifi­cant others, or converse with a customer or coworker, we can decide our purpose. We decide what is of significance. We decide what we wish truly wish to create.

Then we watch our thoughts. We prune those that are destructive and diseased – the thoughts that don’t bring us peace or inspire us.

We notice and prune the thoughts that are at cross-purposes, focused on what we don’t want –sucking up our time, energy, and money, blocking our light, our true reality.

We practice choosing and shaping our thoughts, creating our intentions, and focusing our thoughts, and ultimately our actions, on what truly matters, what we truly wish to create.

We pay attention to our environment, the culture we are creating, the people with whom we choose to surround ourselves.

In doing so, we accomplish our purpose and fulfill our intention in each moment. We cultivate ourselves daily and develop a strong mind, body, and spirit. We resist stress, disease, and damage. We thrive in our full glory.

Take some time today to reflect and wonder. 

What seeds could you plant? What intentions could you cultivate? What is the future you truly wish to create?  

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