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May 20th, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes

It’s been over a year since my mom moved to a home where residents experience memory loss. I am so happy to report that she is thriving. She participates in the daily activities, wins every trivia game, helps out with dishes, laundry, and the care of fellow residents, dances like there’s no tomorrow, and loves to sing. Last week she was in a fashion show. Every afternoon, she has dates with my dad, who lives in the next building. They enjoy holding hands, snuggling, and laughing at Dad’s amazing compendium of jokes. My dad is thriving, too. He’s playing guitar again, watching war movies with his buddy, working out everyday, recording his life stories for his grandchildren, enjoying movie night with me, daily afternoons with his sweetheart (my mom!) and the company of everyone he meets. And he gets to see Mom interact with others, enjoy herself, and being loved by her fellow residents, which brings the biggest smile to his face.

In the year before their move, my mom wanted to die, would not leave the house, and argued about everything. My dad suffered three strokes and his world kept getting smaller and smaller.  And now, one year later, they are thriving.

Is everything perfect? No. Is everything perfect? Yes.

They are focused on what matters.  They are living, laughing, and loving.

And I so admire them. Happy 64th Anniversary!

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